Steamer Lane

Santa Cruz’ Most Famous Surf Spot – Steamer Lane (also known as Steamer’s Lane or Steamer’s) is probably the most famous surf spot in Santa Cruz.  It’s definitely for the more skilled and adventurous surfer.

Because this is such a prized surf location, use caution because the local surfers can be a little possessive and tend to apply a very strict code of conduct for those that use the waves.

Steamer Lane is home to the O’Neill Cold Water Classic surfing competition.  It is also where Jack O’Neill developed the modern wet suit  for surfing.For more information, go to

Pleasure Point

Santa Cruz, CA – Although it’s still a very popular spot for surfing, the area has gone through a major transformation over the last decade or so.  Like much of Santa Cruz, it’s moved away from being a local surf Mecca lined with small beach cottages to something much more affluent with large multimillion dollar homes.  But because its rocky bottom point break creates some fantastic surf, it is and probably always will be one of the most popular surfing areas in Santa Cruz. For more information, go to


Half Mon Bay, CA – Just north of Half Moon Bay in Princeton, CA, the famous Mavericks can be found a ½ mile off of the Pillar Point Marsh shoreline.

During the winter months the perfect set of environmental conditions can come together to create some of the biggest waves on the planet!  Although spectacular to look at, the waves at Mavericks should only be negotiated by professionals.  Less experienced surfers can find more appropriate waves along the local beach beaks. For more information, go to