Fitzgerald TidepoolsThe rocky seashore hosts a living community of marine life that is of great interest to visitor and naturalist alike. A variety of algae, crabs, sponges, sea stars, mollusks, and fish make their homes in the inter-tidal; that area between low and high tide. The Reserve is set aside to protect this complex but fragile community for us and future generations. The Reserve is popular with school and community groups for its educational value.

The Fitzgerald Marine Reserve is open again! Earlier in the year it was closed due to severe damage from the epic 2022-2023 winter storms. Please note that the easy-access ramp to the beach and tidepools was damaged during the storms and the beach can only be accessed by temporary stairs until the ramp is replaced.

Major rating websites rate this activity between 4.5 to 4.7 stars.

Address: 200 Nevada St., Moss Beach, CA 94038
Phones: (650) 728-3584
Directions: Take California Ave. off of Hwy 1 in Moss Beach.

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